Closing web version
From start next year we will close down the web version of the product, and focus only on the app. It is not a surprise that over the last couple of years more and more people are using the app, and fewer and fewer are using the web version. From Janurary 2021 web access will be closed for new customors. The app version will continue, and those who have web access will be able to continue until the subscription expires
30. Oct 2020
Android app
Some behind-the-scenes changes have been made to the database system as well as the servers. You should experience (even) faster access times from the app.
15. Jan 2020
We have updated our Privacy statement to reflect the resent EU GDPR laws. There is really not much that has changed, as we only collect the bare necessities to allow you to log in to the site and use the question bank system.
25. May 2018
Question overview
When you interact with our products we sometimes receive or collect personal information about you.
None of the information we collect are handed over to any third party unless specifically stated on this page.

Email and Name
This only applies to now discontinued web version - not the Android app
These are collected as part of the order process. Data is handed over to PayPal in the process, but can be edited on PayPal before submitting. (See later section on this page)

Email is used on EASAQB.COM for user validation in the login process.

Email address might be used for contacting in special matters that we deem necessary to broadcast, and have no other means of doing so. (like network problems or server related issues)

Login attempts
This only applies to now discontinued web version - not the Android app
All login attempts are logged. This includes both successful and unsuccessful attempts.
Data logged:
-User-name (i.e. email)
-IP address
This only applies to now discontinued web version - not the Android app
When you add a comment in the exam system, this is linked to your name and email. The EASAQB.COM teacher staff can trace the comment back to you. Other users cannot trace this, and will only be presented with your comment and date/time of posting. They will not see your email/username.
The web-site uses short lived cookies (< 20 minutes).
Clearing of data
All data collected as specified above can be cleared on request. See contacts page for details on how to get in touch and request us to clear your data.
Note that clearing your data might impair the usability of the system.
Third party
The now discontinued web-site used PayPal as payment method.
The Android app uses Google Play as payment method.

Web site access (discontinued)
In the order process the email provided by the user is handed over to PayPal.
For more information see the PayPal privacy statements.

Android App:
The app uses google's in-app purchases, for paid question bank access.
For more info see Googles privacy police
Note that this is only for paid access. If you use the app for free, no data is exchanged to any third part.