Closing web version
From start next year we will close down the web version of the product, and focus only on the app. It is not a surprise that over the last couple of years more and more people are using the app, and fewer and fewer are using the web version. From Janurary 2021 web access will be closed for new customors. The app version will continue, and those who have web access will be able to continue until the subscription expires
30. Oct 2020
Android app
Some behind-the-scenes changes have been made to the database system as well as the servers. You should experience (even) faster access times from the app.
15. Jan 2020
We have updated our Privacy statement to reflect the resent EU GDPR laws. There is really not much that has changed, as we only collect the bare necessities to allow you to log in to the site and use the question bank system.
25. May 2018
Question overview
EASA FCL question bank system.
EASAQB.COM is a fast online question bank system for the EASA FCL theoretical knowledge exams.
The question bank is intended for commercial airline pilot students, as well as private pilot students, wishing to pass the ATPL, CPL or CBIR/EIR exams as defined by the EASA FCL rules.
The question bank.
The question bank was created - and is maintained by - a group of professional ATPL teachers from various EASA countries. We try to make the online exam system the best there is in terms of valid questions, features and usability.
We continuously update the question bank to reflect the real life exams in the best way possible.
Below we have listed some of the unique features EASAQB.COM offers.
For more information look at the features page

Fast javascript based exam system, with a minimum amount of page reloads.
Questions sorted according to EASA FCL syllabus
ATPL, CPL or CBIR exam generation
Exam review and statistics

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